Why a Half Marathon?

Sooo I HATE running, which anyone who knows me will know is very true..I've always done a fast walk on the treadmill to get out of it! So the time has come for me to attempt running, not only will I be trying to run, but I will be aiming to complete the London Half Marathon on 26th September 2010.

I am doing this to raise money for a charity called Global Hope, it has many locations around the world such as: India, Malawi, South Africa, Brazil, Romania and Uganda. Students from Liverpool Hope University go out to such places and work with local communities and school's. I will be in Malawi from early July for 2weeks to work in the SOS Children's Village in Lilongwe in Malawi in the primary school.

The projects are funded by the charity relies heavily on donations, fund-raising and funding from organisations. The project is going to cost around £2500 to send each student, therefore we have all pledged to raise £500 each to give back...

So thats my story :) and for added entertainment I have set up this blog to let you know how much I am struggling with actual running (not walking)!!

ps...If you would like to sponsor me please follow this link...


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Day 0..The beginning!

Ok so blog set up, sponsorship page set up...this is all in avoidance of actually running!! It is Sunday so I'm thinking Monday is always the best day to start something new :) So the marathon is 19weeks away and up to now I can run approx 0miles in 0mins..good effort I'd say.

First things first I'm going to look for a proper training programme to follow for the first few weeks to ease myself into it, then the hard training begins! Wish me luck..IM GOING TO NEED IT!! xx

  • Look for training programme
  • Start running :)
  • Hate running even more than normal